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Anthoncyanins and its maximum absorbance value

Why does maximum absorbance occur for Anthocyanins at the 500 ~ 600nm range. Additionally how can one explain the high absorbance at lower pH for anthocyanins compared to higher pH values ?
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What is the reaction between crystal violet and bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and what is the mechanism of its action against crystal violet?

I'm trying to find the reaction between bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and crystal violet, and need to find the mechanism of its action, as during my lab investigation the bleach did cause the crystal ...
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Why isn't residual standard deviation used in FQY analysis?

I've been measuring relative fluorescence quantum yield (hereafter FQY) for a photosensitive pigment. Most analytical articles and standard operating procedures (SOPs) I've read suggest taking the ...
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Datasets of Light Absorbance Spectra for Atmospheric Gases

I am currently doing some thermal/aerospace engineering research that involves finding light absorption in different points in Earth's orbit. What is the best way to find absorbance vs. wavelength ...
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Height of light beam when measuring fluorescence or absorbance

Beer's law relates absorbance to concentration. The "width" of the sample is part of the equation. I'm wondering why the height or diameter of the beam of light is not included as a factor....
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Comparison of two different coloured dyes using UV-vis spectra

I know that Both solutions are a shade of purple due to the lack of absorbances in the red and blue regions, however am I correct in thinking that the peak slightly to the right of the 2 in this ...
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Absorption wavelength of nickel (II)

One of my students is trying to study a nickel(II) solution, prepared from nickel(II) sulfate, which is green. In solution it is also green, thus I would expect it to absorb red light. Here is a test ...
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Can we compare absorbance of two peptides when the read concentration from Qubit Protein Assay are different?

I have two peptide A and B. And I would like to know the solubility level of these peptide in certain solute. For that purpose I use Qubit Protein Assay. The Qubit readout I get is this: Note that ...
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Calculate the concentration of the reactant from the absorbance of the product without molar absorptivity

Given the reaction $\ce{A->B}$, where the absorbance of the product $\ce{B}$ has been measured (see the table below), and the initial concentration of $\ce{A}$ is $\pu{10^{-4} M},$ calculate the ...
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