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Can carbon have quadruple bonds? [duplicate]

Carbon has 4 valence electrons, so it means that it can have a total of four (covalent) bonds, correct? If that's the case, why can't carbon share four bonds, such as with another carbon atom (to ...
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In C2 molecule, both bonds of the double bond are pi bonds. But isn't the rule that there should exist a sigma bond before a pi bond is formed? [duplicate]

C2 molecules have been found in vapour state. Their double bonds are made of two pi bonds because four electrons need to be accomodated in each bond. So this is against the rule that there must be a ...
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What would follow in the series sigma, pi and delta bonds?

I realise, that this question is a stretch, but I was wondering, how would a bonding orbital be called if it was formed from two $f_{x(x^2−3y^2)}$ or $f_{y(3x^2−y^2)}$ orbitals. Have there been any ...
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Why are pi bonds only formed when sigma bonds are formed?

While studying about bonding there was one statement that "pi bonds can only be formed only with sigma bonds" as we know that in double bond there is 1 sigma bond and 1 pi bond but then one question ...
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Are there any molecules with delta bonds in their ground states?

When looking at excited states of molecules, $\delta$ bonds are relatively common, but I've never come across a molecule with a $\delta$ bond in its ground state. Are there molecules with $\delta$ ...
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Electron density definition of single, double, triple bonds?

I was reading this question and the answer by user EricBrown to it, and this got me thinking about covalent chemical bonds. The way I was always taught is that a single bond contains 2 paired ...
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Why can two carbon atoms not form more than triple bond with each other?

Why two carbon atoms don't form more than triple bond with each other? Please tell me simply as I am a student of 10th class.
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How to derive the total number of molecular orbitals based on the given number of atomic orbitals?

If four orbitals on one atom overlap with four orbitals on another atom, how many molecular orbitals will form? Why are there eight molecular orbitals and not four? Is not, in molecular orbital ...
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Why does carbon not form 3 pi bonds?

Why doesn't carbon form 3 $\pi$ bonds? If s-s overlap is possible between 2 carbon atoms,then it will be possible for 3 p orbitals to overlap laterally .
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Can carbon be the central atom of a complex? Can it form a quadruple bond with itself? [closed]

Why does $\ce{[C(NH3)2]}$ not exist as a complex? Here, $\ce{C}$ is carbon and the configuration of $\ce{C}$ in ground state is $\ce{[He] 2s^2 2p^2}$. Can't the two $\ce{NH3}$ molecules pair the two ...
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Only-C chain molecules

Are (cyclic) $\ce{C}$-chain molecules as in the picture likely to occur or do they exist at all? and so on... EDIT: I'm considering only double bonds between $\ce{C}$ atoms. This rules out most ...
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Can a bond form between two atoms that don't have 8 electrons?

Generally, atoms like to have 8 valence electrons. But, I'm wondering if it's possible for two types of atoms to form a bond where neither of them gains 8 electrons. Take Carbon, which has 4 valence ...
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Why is maximum number of covalent bonds 3? [duplicate]

In my textbook it is mentioned that maximum 3 covalent bonds can be formed within 2 atoms, which makes sense as 1 p orbital from each can be used for sigma bond and the remaining 2 can form pi bonds. ...
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In a few species such as dicarbon (shown below) why are the pi bonding orbitals of lower energy than the sigma bonding orbitals?

Normally the pi bonding orbitals are of higher energy because pi orbitals experience less direct overlap than sigma orbitals however in a few species this is not the case and I could not find any ...
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