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Why are noble gases stable

I was recently asked the question "Why are noble gases stable? with the expectation of providing an answer beyond the general explanation of "they have full valence layers" and I couldn't think of one....
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Why is an S-S bond stronger than an O-O bond?

I'm wondering why exactly the single bond between two sulfur atoms is stronger than that of two oxygen atoms. According to this page, an $\ce{O-O}$ bond has an enthalpy of $142~\mathrm{kJ~mol^{-1}}$, ...
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First ionization energy and electron gain enthalpy of dihydrogen / stability comparison of dihydrogen ions [duplicate]

Subset of: How can antibonding orbitals be more antibonding than bonding orbitals are bonding? Stability of $\ce{H2^{-}}<\ce{H2^{+}}<\ce{H2}$ Stability of $\ce{N2^{-}}<\ce{N2^{+}}<\ce{N2}...
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molecular orbital theory explaining molecular orbitals [closed]

i am a high school student,,and i am confused in molecular orbital theory,,,my confusion is that how bonding and non bonding orbitals are formed at the same time my teacher taught me that the two wave ...
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Are ionic bonds stronger than covalent bonds?

A covalent bond involves overlapping of orbitals while an Ionic bond involves charge separation. Why are bonds formed by the overlapping of orbitals weaker than charge separation; why is an ionic ...
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Why are pi antibonding orbitals lower in energy than sigma antibonding orbitals?

I know when a carbonyl group is attacked by a nucleophile, the electrons of the nucleophile enter the antibonding π orbital of the $\ce{C=O}$ bond, which breaks the π bond. My textbook says that ...
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Destabilization of antibonding MO vs stabilization of bonding MO

My textbook writes that The net energy stabilization due to the occupation of a bonding MO is equal to the net energy destabilization due to the occupation of the corresponding antibonding MO. ...
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Should there be a difference in the absolute energy gaps between bonding and antibonding MOs from the energy level of the AOs in the H2 molecule? [duplicate]

I have been reading Molecular Orbitals and Organic Chemical Reactions (Student Edition) by Ian Fleming. On Pg 5, Fleming mentions that the diatomic helium molecule cannot exists because there is an ...
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Help with derivation on why antibonding orbitals are more antibonding

I have read How can antibonding orbitals be more antibonding than bonding orbitals are bonding?. But I am intersted in a specific derivation. During lecture my professor stated that the overlap $S_{ij}...
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Why do atoms bond? Why are unfilled valence shells energetically unstable? [closed]

I teach school Physics. And am trying to get a reasonable explanation of the root cause of the energetic instability of unfilled outermost electron shells that leads to atoms bonding. For most of what ...