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Vapor Pressure and Boiling Point [duplicate]

I heard that the boiling point of a solution is the temperature where its vapor pressure at that temperature equals the atmospheric pressure at that temperature. Thus at higher altitudes, as the ...
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How is the temperature in which vapor pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure the boiling point of the liquid? [duplicate]

I was just learning about vapor pressure and got very confused. Vapor pressure was defined as the pressure exerted by a vapor in thermodynamic equilibrium with its condensed phases at a given ...
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Confusion about boiling point and vapor pressure [duplicate]

It is said that a liquid boils when its vapor pressure equals to the external pressure of its environment (e.g. atmospheric pressure). That’s because the bubbles of water vapor that form will be ...
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Boiling of a liquid [duplicate]

Consider water as an example. I m really confused when does boiling takes place. When it's vapour pressure equals atmospheric pressure or when it's saturation atmospheric pressure equals atmospheric ...
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When boiling a liquid, how vapour pressure and ambient pressure get equal? [duplicate]

When boiling a liquid, how vapour pressure and ambient pressure get equal? As vapour pressure will increase, it will lead to increase in ambient pressure also. let, Initially there would be some ...
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How does evaporation even possible? [duplicate]

Suppose the pressure is 1 atm and we put water (at 25 °C) in an open container. After some time the water will disappear as the water evaporates. We know that water at 25 °C and 1 atm has a vapour ...
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Doubt about definition of boiling point [duplicate]

The definition of boiling point says boiling point is the temperature at which the vapour pressure of liquid becomes equal to vapour pressure of atmosphere. But how does the vapour pressure of the ...
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Reason for formation of bubbles at boiling point [duplicate]

As I understand it, boiling takes place when the saturated vapour pressure equals to the atmospheric pressure. But, why does the vapour pressure need to be equal to the atmospheric pressure for ...
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Vapour pressure and boiling [duplicate]

I have come across two definitions for boiling point: It is the temperature at which a liquid gets vaporised It is the point where vapour pressure = external pressure How are they related? How does ...
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Why does increase in pressure cause a increase in boiling point [closed]

When we increase the atomospheric pressure pressure above the solution , the boiling point of a solution increases. Why does this happen?
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Will the water at the bottom of the tube boil at the same temperature as the water at the top of the tube?

Consider a long, vertical tube of water, as shown below: Where $P_\mathrm{atm}$ is the atmospheric pressure and $P_\mathrm{bottom}$ is the pressure at the bottom of the tube. The tube is long ...
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How are bubbles formed when heating water? [closed]

My thinking is that bubbles are formed due to the dissolved gases in water. Consequently, upon heating, bubbles are formed and do not remain intact with water molecules, and thus the bubbles are ...
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Microscopic and mechanical approach to boiling point [duplicate]

I am confused as to how I should visualize the boiling process throughout a liquid. From my understanding, the boiling point of a liquid is when its vapor pressure reaches atmospheric pressure. This ...
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Vapor pressure, volume and boling point

The saturated vapor pressure is designated as the gas pressure in a closed container when the evaporation process has reached an equilibrium (when there are as many molecules returning to the liquid ...
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Why is Vapor Pressure of Liquid Equal to Ambient Pressure at Boiling?

What does phase change from liquid to gas have to do with equality of vapor pressure and ambient pressure? I understand that at higher pressures more kinetic energy is needed for molecules in liquid ...
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