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Is there any substance that's a 4-4-4 on the NFPA diamond?

A lot of the organometallics are rather... interesting compounds to work with. The most famous (among those who care, anyway) is tert-butyllithium or t-BuLi. It is the textbook example of a pyrophoric ...
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Which is the densest gas known?

Which is the densest gas known to exist under normal "shirt sleeve" conditions: room temperature, one atmosphere, won't explode on contact with air, won't kill everyone in the building in trace ...
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What is the strongest acid?

According to Wikipedia, $\ce{HeH+}$ and fluoroantimonic acid are the strongest. According to a News article in Nature, Carborane acid is the strongest, but Wikipedia says fluoroantimonic acid is ...
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What's the strongest known organic acid?

What's the strongest known organic acid? Is it maybe trifluoromethanesulfonic acid or tautomer of pentacyanocyclopentadiene? EDIT: Since the question was reactivated I thought about formalising it. I ...
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Which substance has the highest temperature range between melting and boiling point

Which substances exist that are normally liquid and that will not freeze nor boil even at relatively low/high temperatures as compared to the freezing and boiling points of water? Or how can I ...
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Why is lithium the most reducing alkali metal, and not caesium?

Caesium has a larger size, and the effective nuclear charge that the valence electron experiences will be far less compared to that of lithium's, right? But lithium is still considered the strongest ...
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Why is osmium the densest known element?

Why is osmium so dense despite there being heavier elements after it in the periodic table?
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What substance has the lowest solubility product?

What substance has the lowest $K_\mathrm{sp}$ and what is its value? The lowest I could find is $2.6\cdot 10^{-124}$ for cobalt(III) sulfide $\ce{Co2S3}$.
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The highest melting point

Inspired by this question, what is the substance or compound with the highest melting point? At standard atmospheric pressure and ever-increasing temperature which substance a) eventually becomes ...
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What are good examples of questions that make college students think about chemistry concepts? [closed]

I am teaching the second semester of general chemistry at the college level. The course tends to get bogged down in calculations, and sometimes we forget about the big picture and what is going on at ...
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Compound with the highest boiling point

Which compound (hypothetical is also fine) has the highest boiling point? I understand that out of all elements, tungsten has the highest boiling point. How about compounds, though?
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