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Why doesn't my estimation for the relative mass of a single lithium-7 atom work? [duplicate]

So I tried to calculate the relative mass of a lithium-7 atom. I added up the masses of all the protons, neutrons and electrons, like this: mass = relative mass of 3 protons + relative mass of 4 ...
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Why are only two bond structures considered for ozone and not three? [duplicate]

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Meaning of letter K in chemistry conventions [duplicate]

The letter "K" is usually used as chemistry (or statistics/ physics) conventions, take the equilibrium constant (Kc) and rate constant (k) as two prime examples. Are there any reasons why &...
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Reference Searching: Materials R&D

Materials R&D is a diverse field and characteristics of final products can vary greatly for many reasons; sometimes in spite of predictive models. I'm new to the materials industry but, my ...
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