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Reference for inorganic chemistry [duplicate]

I am a high school student preparing for the chemistry Olympiad . I have enough resources for problem solving but I do not have a proper theory book for inorganic chemistry as it is my weak part. I ...
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Meaning of letter K in chemistry conventions [duplicate]

The letter "K" is usually used as chemistry (or statistics/ physics) conventions, take the equilibrium constant (Kc) and rate constant (k) as two prime examples. Are there any reasons why &...
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Reference Searching: Materials R&D

Materials R&D is a diverse field and characteristics of final products can vary greatly for many reasons; sometimes in spite of predictive models. I'm new to the materials industry but, my ...
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Book recommendations gor Class XI and XII [duplicate]

What is good book for class XI and XII foundation courses in Physical Inorganic and Organic Chemistry? Like for IChO exam etc.
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A curly arrow can only have its tail starting from a double bond or lone pair?

According to this video, a curly arrow representing a reaction mechanism can only have its tail starting from a double bond or a lone pair. I am wondering if the tail of a curly arrow could also start ...
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How to apply the Cahn–Ingold–Prelog priority rules to an isotopically-labeled molecule?

Is the following the correct designation (S) for the chiral carbon in a skeletal representation of 1-chloro(3-13C)butan-2-amine? The CIP rules say to go one at a time by each rule until you find an ...
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Why doesn't 2,3-pentadiene show geometrical/cis-trans isomerism?

There are two different groups bonded to each terminal C in the C=C=C system, and there is restricted rotation about the C=C=C. So why doesn't it show cis-trans isomerism? The most common answer I get ...
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How do I number the atoms in strychnine?

I know the basics of naming organic molecules, but this one is a bit more complex than I'm capable of. How can I number the atoms in strychnine? Systematic IUPAC name: ($4$bR,$4$b$^1$S,$7$aS,$8$aR,$8$...
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What are some general chemistry textbook with good problems? [duplicate]

I’m currently in a General Chemistry course and am wondering if you guys can recommend me a textbook or resource where I can find good problems to work through and further my understanding. We’re ...
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Can someone help me name this molecule? [closed]

I'm having a hard time deciphering it's IUPAC name like I have 4-butanoxy and 3-propanoxy so far, but how do you put it all together with the double-bonded oxygen? Thank you and really sorry for the ...
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Balancing a chemical reaction with oxidation numbers

We have been teached how to balance chemical reactions with oxidation numbers in school, but somehow I can't understand it. This is the equation to balance $$\ce{Cu(s) + NO3−(aq) + H+(aq) -> Cu^2+(...
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Is there a free, super simple app or website for IUPAC names from structures?

I am looking for a free, very simple tool for IUPAC names of organic molecules. I teach high school chemistry, and it would be fantastic to have an app or web tool that students could use to draw ...
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Which enantiomer of 3-Chloro-2-pentanol is this?

I think that there is a chiral centers at $C_2$ and at $C_3$ (Numbering starting such that the carbon with hydroxy attached is number 2. Then, for $C_2$: Priority would be: OH > $C_3$ > $C_1$ &...
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Why does metal atom get an effective potential difference in voltaic cells [closed]

Why is it that metal atoms , experience this potential difference when immersed only in their salt solutions. When they are in contact in real life we cannot see current conducting through it.
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Parentheses use in non stoichiometric compounds

When should one use (or not) parentheses in writing the formula for non stoichiometric compounds. I mean, the mineral sphalerite is often represented by the formula $\ce{(Zn,Fe)S}$ and, all though I ...

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