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Organic chemistry textbook for self-learning? [duplicate]

I am interested in learning organic chemistry in order to solidify my knowledge of molecular biology. However, there are a lot of options for organic chemistry textbooks, and I plan on simply ...
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can anyone suggest me good chemistry video lectures [duplicate]

Can anyone please suggest me some websites from where i can get free chemistry video lectures?it must be relevant to iit jee syllabus.
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Books for a very advanced 3rd grader (elementary school) [duplicate]

My daughter is a 3rd grader, but she reads at 8th grade level, and she is 2 grade levels ahead in math. She reads everything she gets her hands on. She took some chemistry activities, and she loved ...
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A Chemdrawing software? [duplicate]

I would like to know about a Chemdrawing sotware for 2-d molecular structures. it should be mainly linux based (but if it supports other OS's then that would be great)
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Advanced Level Chemistry Book Recommendation [duplicate]

I have a test comming up on Chemistry in Advanced Level and I sincerly ask for a book recommendation for chemistry. I already got the book chemistry by Ramond Chang. And I am pretty near to the exam. ...
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Good books in inorganic chemistry? [duplicate]

I would like you to reccomend me a book (books) in inorganic chemistry , with good explanations , problems and solutions. Actually, i want to study it profoundly, but my theory isn't good enough.
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References for learning about acid and bases in organic chemistry [duplicate]

Can someone help me find references to help solve these problems. These are problems suggested by my instructor. I'm specifically interested in learning how to solve question A.(b). How can I know ...
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A book like Feynman's Lectures to Physics, which deals with Chemistry and provides insights [duplicate]

I have been reading The Feynman Lectures, and it provides a lot of basic knowledge in physics. I would like to know if there exists a book for chemistry like this too.
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Book Recommendation for Molecular Orbital Theory [duplicate]

I posting my question here since I have seen similar questions but I haven't found the specific answer I am searching for. I am seeking textbook recommendations on Molecular Orbital Theory with ...
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Books on Chemical Reaction Theory [duplicate]

I got interested in Chemical Reaction Theory by studying the lecture notes of Feinberg and related papers for my bachelor thesis and want to dive deeper into that subject. Are there any books you ...
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Can anybody recommend me a Calculus Based General Chemistry textbook? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a Calculus Based General Chemistry textbook. I checked Atkins Chemical Principals but I didn't liked it that much. I'd be awesome if I had some more options 😃 Thanks!
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Analytical Chemistry Textbook Recommendation [duplicate]

Could anyone recommend a good book for self-learning that provide a clear, step by step guide on solving such chemical equilibria questions. It should cover the following topics: weak acid and ...
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Studying Chemistry [duplicate]

I know this is a silly statement to say, but I really want to excel in Chemistry. The thing is, I forgot numerous things from elementary Chemistry such as introduction to basic stoichiometry. Do you ...
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Resources to learn computational chemistry? [duplicate]

I am interested in learning computational chemistry to explore the possibility of postgraduate work in quantum/theoretical chemistry and would like to attempt self-studying. I know the basics of ...
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Organic Chemistry Exercise Book [duplicate]

An Organic Chemistry Book that has only exercises? Better with solutions so to see if the answer is correct. Even more better if there is a PDF version. The exercises I am looking for are exercises ...
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