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Why is the chemical formula for vinegar CH3COOH what it is? [duplicate]

I am quite new to chemistry, but I would like to think that I have mastered the basics. This would include naming and writing out chemical formulas. However, once I had seen the formula for vinegar ($\...
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RCOH and RCHO Nomenclature [duplicate]

In terms of nomenclature, is there a difference between RCHO and RCOH when referring to an aldehyde?
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Why is the chemical formula for ethanoic acid CH3COOH and not C2H4O2? [duplicate]

Why does the hydrogen ion move to the front of the formula and not to the subscript of the H already in the formula?
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Hill's system alphabetizes elements symbol or name? [duplicate]

Take monosodium glutamate. Its chemical formula is $$\ce{C5H8NO4Na or C5H8NNaO4}$$ First way nitrogen, oxygen, sodium, with is in order of element's name. Second way, N, Na, O, in order of element's ...
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Can CH3COOH be written as C2H4O2? [duplicate]

I was reading a chapter on acids and bases .It said something about acetic acid.And then I thought whether I could write CH3COOH as C2H4O2? please explain your answer. Thanks!!
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What is the correct way to write sodium tetraphenylborate formula? [duplicate]

In wikipedia, it is written in two different ways. (C6H5)4BNa and NaB(C6H5)4 Is there not a unique criterion? Or is it chemistry-brach-dependant?
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What is the structural formula of alkali hypohalite: MOX or MXO?

There seems to be an inconsistency in the formula. Somewhere it is written as MOX and in some places, it is written as MXO. This is what Google gives when you search sodium hypochlorite: I think the ...
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In the production of vinegar, where does water come from?

In the production of vinegar, where does the water come from? I have heard that vinegar production involves these two reactions.. $$\ce{C2H6O {(ethanol)} + NAD+ -> C2H4O {(acetaldehyde)} + NADH + ...
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Are CH₃COOH and HCOOCH₃ same?

Can I write the formula of Acetic acid as HCOOCH₃ or COOHCH₃ insted of CH₃COOH would they represent the same compound with same covalent bond?
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Is there a difference between (HO)2 and H2O2?

To me, it looks like the same thing. Is (HO)2 and H2O2 the same compound? When performing stoichiometric calculations, do they get treated the same?
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