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Why is molar mass the same as atomic mass? [duplicate]

I am completely confused about why molar mass is the same as atomic mass. Could someone help explain why, thoroughly, but in simplified terms?
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Difference between atomic mass, mass number, atomic weight, and relative atomic mass [duplicate]

I think this question is common, but i want a little help. I'm little confused. What I concluded. Relative atomic mass/Atomic weight (both are exactly the same) - It is the mass of atom calculated as ...
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Is molecular mass different than the molar mass? [duplicate]

I thought that molar mass is the mass of one mole of a substance whereas molecular mass is the mass of one molecule of a substance. But the molecular mass of water is 18.2 u, which is similar to its ...
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What is the difference between "molecular mass", "average atomic mass" and "molar mass"?

I don't understand the difference between "molecular mass" and "average atomic mass". They seem like the same thing to me. Is it that average atomic mass is just the weighted average of the "weights"/...
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Units of mass on the atomic scale

what are the systems of recording atomic masses and their units? I know that the nucleon number is the number of protons and neutrons I also know that the mass number on the periodic table is the ...
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What are the units of 85000 Molecular Weight of a polymer

I have a PVA bottle, which says that the molecular weight (Mw) of PVA is between 85000 - 124000. I know that this means that there are repeated chains of the PVA monomer, but what are the units to ...
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Mass number, (relative) atomic mass, average mass

What is the difference between mass number, atomic mass and average atomic mass? I know the mass number is the amount of protons + the amount of neutrons. The average mass is the weighed average of ...
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How are the molar mass and molecular mass of any compound numerically the same?

This observation is really annoying me, and the internet isn't providing me with any solid answers. Either their definitions of molar mass completely differ, or they don't stick to their own ...
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What is the significance of molar mass [duplicate]

What exactly is the significance of molar mass in chemistry? Why not just mass?
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Confusion with definitions of mass [duplicate]

What is the difference between: atomic mass relative atomic weight relative isotopic weight standard atomic weight atomic weight relative atomic mass I am told by Wikipedia that: relative atomic ...
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