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Why aren't all bonds in cyclobutadiene not equal? [duplicate]

Cyclobutadiene is like benzene in that it has alternating single and double bonds in a ring. However, it's bonds are not the same length, the double bonds being shorter than single bonds. The molecule ...
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Anitaromatic compounds: Why do they have lower stability? [duplicate]

What is the cause for some compounds like cyclobutadiene to be antiaromatic? I know they don't satisfy Huckle's rule but I don't understand why that leads to the decrease in stability of the ...
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Is the cyclopropenyl anion antiaromatic?

According to my book, a compound is antiaromatic if it is cyclic, planar, and possesses a fully conjugated system of p-orbitals with $4n$ π-electrons. However, I have also been told that the ...
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How does a Frost diagram reproduce the solutions to the wave equation?

I came across a Frost diagram for cyclic compounds in my book, and all my book had to offer was that it geometrically reproduces the solutions of the wave equation, and can therefore determine the ...
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Is cyclopentadiene or cycloheptatriene more acidic?

Which of the following cyclic compounds are more acidic? The most acidic proton is positioned on the carbon that is at the top of the above drawings (the methylene hydrogens) on each of the two ...
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Why are antiaromatic compounds unstable?

Antiaromaticity is so destabilizing that it can cause compounds such as cyclobutadiene to elongate or manipulate their orbitals so that the pi system is no longer aromatic. I understand that aromatic ...
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Resonance structure of cyclobutadiene?

I studied cyclobutadiene as an anti-aromatic compound. But I am unable to draw the resonance structures for cyclobutadiene. Can anyone help me? What is the driving force for the resonance to start? ...
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Aromaticity of fused rings

I understood how to find aromatic nature of single aromatic rings (like benzene) or that of combination of rings which are independently aromatic, such that the electrons of one ring do not enter into ...
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Is cyclobut‐3‐ene‐1,2‐diide aromatic?

I think cyclobut‐3‐ene‐1,2‐diide is non-aromatic since there are two sp3 carbons (carrying negative charge), but my source says it is aromatic. Why?
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Huckel's rule and aromaticity [closed]

I am learning to determine whether a monocyclic conjugated alkene is aromatic or anti-aromatic or not. question 1: cyclobutadiene: according to Huckel's rule, 4 * 1 = 4, it should be antiaromatic, ...
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Are pi electrons in 1,3 cyclobutadiene delocalised? [duplicate]

The original question in my test was whether all bonds in the aforementioned molecule are of same length. According to the solution booklet, it is not because pi electrons are not delocalised due to ...
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