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What is Y-aromaticity? Is the trinitromethanide anion aromatic?

The wikipedia article on trinitromethane claims that: There is some evidence that the anion (which obeys the $4n+2$ Hückel rule) is aromatic. Unfortunately the citation is behind a paywall so I ...
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Why is the bond order in the SO₃ molecule 1.33 and not 2?

$\ce{SO3}$ molecule has three double bonded oxygen to the central sulfur atom. Sulfur has $\ce{sp^2}$ hybridization and it has 6 outer electrons which make the bonds with the oxygen. So shouldn't ...
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Which d orbitals of sulfur take part in the pi bonds of SO3?

In $\ce{SO3}$, 2 $p\pi-d\pi$ bonds are present. But which $d$ orbitals of sulfur take part in these $\pi$ bonds? The answer says $d_{xy}$ and $d_{yz}$. Someone also told me that crystal field ...
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Sulfur trioxide - vacant d-orbitals

Sulfur trioxide violates the octet rule. Upon drawing the Lewis dot structure for sulfur trioxide, we see that the central sulfur atom is bonded to three other oxygen atoms by double covalent bonds. ...
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Sulfur can violate the octet rule because it has an "empty D orbital" is there any other information the periodic table isnt telling us?

In sulfur or any atom with an expanded octet on the 3rd row, where does the idea that they have an empty D orbital come from ?
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Sulfur trioxide structure

What resonance structure is the most abundant in sulfur trioxide: the one with one double and two single, the one with two double and one single or the one with all three double bonds? Is it actually ...
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Sulfurous acid tautomerisation

In the structure of $\ce{H2SO3}$ there is a lone pair on sulfur. Why can't sulfur make a bond with one of the hydrogen atoms and a double bond with oxygen to avoid having a lone pair? Such as given ...
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Why (SO4)^2- does not create 4 double bonds

I looked this question up and still couldn't understand. Why, in $\ce{SO4^2-}$ don't the 4 oxygens create double bonds. In that case the all the oxygens will have 0 formal charge while the sulfur ...
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Sulfur Trioxide - Ionic Character

I am told that the sulfur trioxide molecule exhibits charge separation because of poor p-orbital overlap. Sulfur's 3p orbitals are much bigger than oxygen's 3p orbitals, and thus the $\ce{S=O}$ bond ...
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S-O bond length in SO2 and SO3 [duplicate]

Question: which molecule out of $\ce{SO2}$ and $\ce{SO3}$ has larger $\ce{S-O}$ bond length? Both are $sp^2$ hybridised. Since $\ce{SO3}$ has more bond pair - bond pair repulsions, shouldn't $\ce{SO3}...
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