That is my question:

  • How can I track the progress / read the output file of an ongoing calculation in GAMESS-LIBCCHEM from NVIDIA?

The steps I have followed are in:

  1. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/data-center/gpu-accelerated-applications/gamess/

In there, there is a command line:

nvidia-docker run -v $(pwd):/results --rm nvcr.io/hpc/gamess:17.09-r2-libcchem -c "cd /workspace/examples && rungms cc-h2co.inp"

But, that command line print an output file only when the calculation has finished.

I want to read the output while the calculation is running and I do not know how.

I am running it on my laptop: i7 + geforce 940m + 12 gb of ram


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    $\begingroup$ You generally have much better luck with such highly specialized questions, if you contact either the developers themselves (nvidia-docker) or the user community. $\endgroup$ – Greg Jul 28 '18 at 13:27
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