I'm confused in reaction of $\ce{SO2}$ with $\ce{Cl2}$. Some source states the given reaction (1), while others state the reaction (2):

$$\begin{align} \ce{SO2 + Cl2 &-> SOCl2 + Cl2O \tag{1}}\\ \ce{SO2 + Cl2 &-> SO2Cl2 \tag{2}} \end{align}$$

While I read in NCERT Chemistry 12 part-II page-198 that chlorine oxidises $\ce{SO2}$ to $\ce{SO3}$. I wish to know the specific condition in which the particular reactions will occur.


Sulfuryl chloride ($\ce{SO2Cl2}$) is prepared by the reaction of $\ce{SO2}$ and $\ce{Cl2}$ over activated charcoal, details of the preparation are here 1.

Thionyl chloride may be prepared from $\ce{SO2}$ and $\ce{Cl2}$ but the reaction requires an equivalent of $\ce{SCl2}$ to be present.

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    $\begingroup$ Can you also add the equations of the two reactions? $\endgroup$ – Abhigyan Chattopadhyay Jul 12 '18 at 17:25

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