I'm not sure if I'm articulating myself well enough, but here's my problem: I have a current HPLC system, where we typically have backpressure readouts of around 15 MPa. We are looking to get a new HPLC, and the rep said its DAD detector has a maximum pressure of 6 MPa. My questions are:

  • Is the pressure at the pump outlet the same as the pressure at the column inlet and outlet?
  • What pressure is actually being shown on the system readout when looking at the pump? (I'm assuming just the pressure at the pump outlet)
  • Is the pressure at the detector usually significantly less than at the pump outlet?
  • Assuming everything transfers from one system to our new one, and we end up with the same types of backpressures, will I have issues with this new detector?

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I figured this out. The pressure displayed is between pump and column inlet. There's a pressure gradient from the column inlet to the outlet, so the pressure reaching the detector is significantly less than the readout.


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