Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, "Hex" for short, is an explosive organic compound.

I want to know the products of this reaction:

$$\ce{C_6H_{12}N_2O_6 -> ? + Energy}$$


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This article provide two reactions for the thermal decomposition of HMTD, depending on reaction conditions.

(at or below 150°C, air or vacuum)

$$\ce{C_6H_{12}N_2O_6 -> 3CO_2 + N(CH_3)_3 + NH_3}$$

(160°C to 180°C, vacuum)

$$\ce{C_6H_{12}N_2O_6 -> 3CO + N(CH_3)_3 + 1/2 N_2 + 3/2 H_2O + 3/4 O_2}$$


  • Oxley, J.C., J.L. Smith, H. Chen, and Eugene Cioffi. “Decomposition of Multi-peroxidic Compounds: Part II. Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine (HMTD).” Thermochimica Acta 388, no. 1–2 (June 18, 2002): 215–225.

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