I'm new in labratoary and a few days ago I smelled chloroform just for a second, out of curiosity. The next day I became very sick with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fatigue and pain in my muscles. These symptoms were severe enough that I had to stay home for the day, but with much surprise, all of them were gone the day after that and I was feeling very healthy.

I'm wondering if anybody else had this experience because all I could find in it's msds and the web was more serious conditions and they happened relatively fast in like 7 minutes. My symptoms started at least 5 hours from the moment I smelled the chloroform.

were my symptoms related to smelling chloroform?


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This sounds more like you ate something bad. Inhaling a bit of chloroform vapour doesn't do that to you. However, let it be a lesson: don't go around purposely smelling things you don't know the consequences of smelling, or else one day you will run into something that you really shouldn't be sniffing.


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