I was taught that Avogadro's number was $6.023 \cdot 10^{23}$. Now, the accepted value is allegedly $6.022 \cdot 10^{23}$. Has there been a change? If so, when and why? There are still some sites that use $6.023 \cdot 10^{23}$, so if this is wrong, why have those sites not been corrected?


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Currently, the definition of Avogadro constant depends on the definition of the kilogram, and thus has an uncertainty. The recommended value[1][2] is

$$N_\pu{A} = \pu{6.022140857(74) \cdot 10^{23} mol-1}.$$

It will probably be fixed, however, coming May 20th, 2019 on World Metrology Day to exactly[3][4]

$$N_\pu{A}^{2019} = \pu{6.02214076 \cdot 10^{23} mol-1}.$$

See the references for a thorough review of the history, reasons for redefinition, how some relations become exact and others inexact, and to which degree, etc.


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In fact it will get updated in the end of 2018. The new SI value will be updated to:$6.02214076×10^{23} \text{mol}^{-1}$


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