I have 200mL of HClO 0,64M.
I mix it with 0,1mol of NaClO.
How should I calculate the pH?

My question is about this: should I keep attention about changes made to the solution volume after adding NaClO?

So far this is what I've done.


$\ce{NaClO + H2O -> Na+ + ClO-}$

With n(NaClO) = n(ClO-) = 0.1mol,

I calculated the molarity of the conjugate base:

[ClO-] = 0.1mol/0.2L = 0.5M.

Then I applied the Henderson-Hesselbalch equation:

pH = pKa + log([ClO-]/[HClO]) = 7.53 + log(0.781M) = 7.422

In this case I didn't consider the variation to the solution volume due to the addition of NaClO. So, is this correct?

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You're close. Everything is correct, except that when you take the ratio of concentrations in the H-H equation that ratio is not in moles. It's just a number, because you divide moles by moles . Rule of thumb: logarithms and exponential should never involve anything with units. So don't include the molar unit under the logarithm and you're good.


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