I am developing a website and later on an app with the periodic table. The reason I started was that I thought almost all the other periodic tables was awfully ugly. I do not only want to make it a well-looking periodic table, but I want to make it easy and smart to use combined with the design.

My question to you: Which features do you require and want from an online periodic table? I am also asking for the smallest features you can come up with. The more the better!

Features I already have got:

  • The periodic table view with number, symbol, name, and type of element (like noble gas)
  • Detailed information on an element on a specific page for each element including:
    • Number, name, and symbol
    • Discovery, etymology, and meaning
    • Electron configuration
    • Electronegativity
    • Density
    • Melting and boiling point
    • Phase at room temperature

I hope you chemists can help me. By the way, the service will be free of charge to use when it is developed.

Right now it looks like this: The Periodic table

and when you click on one of the elements: Detailed description of Oxygen


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    $\begingroup$ Well. Before you do that. Could you do me the favor of telling me what people like you who for the most doesn't need a periodic table require when you are using one? $\endgroup$ – Rasmus Lauridsen Nov 12 '17 at 15:14