I am reading that cellulose may be broken down into glucose. This is usually done with some sort of solvent.

Is there any way to 'rebuild' these cellulose molecules from glucose?

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    $\begingroup$ Are you interested in a lab synthesis (in a flask) or the biosynthesis? Cellulose is biosynthetically derived from glucose derivatives $\endgroup$ – NotEvans. Jun 28 '17 at 18:27

Cellulose may be broken into smaller pieces (though not necessarily into separate glucose molecules) and regenerated into cellophane with the viscose process.

For the home lab, rather than using the poisonous and extremely flammable $\ce{CS2}$ in the viscose process, the somewhat safer cuprammonium process is a better choice. Do be careful -- don't wind up with blue stains on skin or clothing, it shows poor technique. See this video for a demonstration.


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