I have a mixture methanol and water, at 25°C, and I want to take it to 250°C. I'll use two heat exchangers: one for taking the mixture from a liquid state (25°C) to a vapor state (X°C), and the second for taking it to the necessary temperature (250°C).

I know that methanol boiling temperature is 64 °C and water boiling temperature is 100°C, and it will be necessary to use two 'kinds' of heat, one for taking the component from 25°C to the boiling temperature, and another called the latent heat, for the phase change.

So, having methanol and water two different values of boiling temperature, what will be the value of X°C, approximately? 100°C, less or more?

  • $\begingroup$ H2O/CH3OH has no azeotrope so boiling points are in the middle between points for pure stuff. $\endgroup$ – Mithoron Jun 14 '17 at 20:48

You need to know the composition of your solution and then look at vapor liquid equilibrium data to find the boiling point of your particular composition solution. See here for boiling point as a function of composition.


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