There are some interesting laboratory reactions that use liquid ammonia as a solvent (for example, the Birch Reduction where an alkali metal is dissolved in liquid ammonia).

There have also been some high volume industrial processes that use liquid ammonia as a solvent (the weedkiller paraquat has two, quite different, production routes using liquid ammonia producing thousands of tonnes a year). One uses dissolving sodium (like the Birch reduction):

wikipedia description of one paraquat synthesis

But are there any other significant chemical manufacturing processes that use it?

NB I would include the production of pharmaceuticals or their ingredients as well as any bulk chemicals.


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I might be terribly wrong, but I'm not aware of any other industrial process involving ammonia as a reactant (fertilizers, caprolactam, amino acids) where liquid ammonia is used as a solvent.

As a side note, liquefication at least plays a role over here (Germany) for the transport in rail tank cars.


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