In the conversion of piperidine to pyridine, palladium on carbon (Pd/C) is used. But it is reducing agent.

Dehydrogenation of piperidine

Clear the confusion, please.


Palladium on carbon ($\ce{Pd/C}$) is neither an oxidant nor a reductant. The reaction is the dehydrogenation of piperidine: $\ce{C5H11N -> C5H5N + 3H2}$ and here, $\ce{Pd/C}$ is merely a catalyst.

Even in standard hydrogenation reactions using $\ce{H2(g) + Pd/C}$, the $\ce{Pd/C}$ is not a reducing agent. The $\ce{H2}$ is the reducing agent and Pd/C is again only a catalyst.


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