I am starting to do research on diazo coupling reactions and am looking for a book or literature review that is a comprehensive exploration of everything diazo coupling.

I found one book which is pretty amazing: https://ia802302.us.archive.org/8/items/aromaticdiazocom031270mbp/aromaticdiazocom031270mbp.pdf

It has a whole chapter devoted just to diazo coupling with various classes of compounds like phenols, amines, phenolic ethers, hydrocarbons, etc (which is exactly what I am looking for). BUT, it's from the 1930's! It is quite challenging to read because it mostly describes reactions rather than showing them pictorially. Also, some of the theory is a bit dated!

My question: Does anyone know of a more modern resource?


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If you prefer books as secondary reference, the The chemistry of diazonium and diazo groups in the Patai series (back 1978) may be one source. More recently, the two books about diazochemistry by Zollinger, 1994 here and here.

Maybe not as comprehensive as the two sources above, but offering an overview are Merino's critical review about diazocoupling reactions in Chem. Soc. Rev. (doi 10.1039/C0CS00183J) in 2011, and Oger's overview about their application in flow chemistry in Organic Chemistry Frontiers (doi 10.1039/C5QO00037H) in 2015.


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