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During aldol formation, I've learned that there is a second addition of water in many cases to cause a dehydration to occur that results in a double bond at the alpha and beta position to the carbonyl. Why does this specific reaction automatically dehydrate? Is it due to the benzene ring?

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What do you mean by addition of 2nd molecule of water? Actually, that was not a clear statement. If you could show it in some of the mechanisms, it coul have been better to understand your doubt/question completely.
There is dehydration usually always associated with Aldol, if substrate has 2 or more (alpha) H atoms, even in absence of a Ph ring: in acid catalyzed as well as base catalyzed Aldols, though their mechanisms differ.

The reason is always a conjugated (with carbonyl) bond, which may be facilitated by a Ph ring, as in the given case.

The dehydration steps do involve:
I. In acid catalyzed Aldol, it is usual E2
Acid catalysed aldol
II. In base catalyzed Aldol, it is E1cB Base catalysed Aldol

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