I know that it is less than 7.0, but would be nice to know exact value of pH of natural fermented kvass (not soda-like counterfeit). Another aspect is to know if kvass is more gentle than Cola (pH=2.5) ?


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According to this paper$^{[1]}$, the kvas in their study started out at a pH of 6.1 prior to fermentation, then became stable at about a pH of 3.8 after 12 hours. This is of course significantly less acidic than a cola with a pH of 2.5 (and some colas can have a pH closer to 2).

1) QUALITY CHANGES OF NATURALLY FERMENTED KVASS DURING PRODUCTION STAGES, Department of Food Technology, Faculty of Food Technology, Latvia University of Agriculture, Liela Street2, Jelgava, Latvia

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    Mar 2, 2017 at 21:06
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