I am not blessed with the gift of spatial awareness. I understand how to determine the configuration when a group with priority 4 is on the hashed wedge or when the group with priority 4 is on the bold wedge and priority 3 is on the hashed wedge. However are there any rules I can follow for situations as shown in the image? The numbers show the priority. structures

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    $\begingroup$ A piece of chewing gum and four matchsticks can be a decent replacement for insufficient spatial awareness. Also, welcome to Chem.SE. $\endgroup$ – Ivan Neretin Feb 17 '17 at 14:22

To do this, Put the lowest priority group as far away from you as possible.

In the 1 example, if I look at 4 from between 1 and 2 it would be farthest away from me. And i will see that the 3 group is on top, 2 on my left and 1 on my right.

And now if i move from highest priority group to lowest (1-2-3) it would be in clockwise sense. So the configuration is R.

2nd and 3rd example has S and R configuration respectively.

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    $\begingroup$ Highest priority to lowest is 1-2-3. $\endgroup$ – ron Feb 17 '17 at 14:48

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