Can anyone help me to understand what the "Chemical Potential" is? I can see that in batteries the electrical energy is stored as "chemical potential", according to this:

Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, and Mg-ion batteries, reversibly convert between electrical and chemical energy via redox reactions, thus storing the energy as chemical potential in their electrodes.

So what is chemical potential? According to Wikipedia, it is defined as:

In thermodynamics, chemical potential, also known as partial molar free energy, is a form of potential energy that can be absorbed or released during a chemical reaction or phase transition

Which is quite straight forward, in a way. However, it doesn't really make me understanding it entirely, therefore I would like to ask if there is anyone that can help me understand this. I'm always trying to use analogies and therefore I would like to ask the following question:

Can the chemical potential be seen like the latent heat, where the energy is stored as bonds and, in order to break the bonds, one needs to add extra energy.

Or is it more complex than this? Please see below a sketch with what I imagine happens inside. Did I understand it right?

enter image description here

It's hard for me to understand what keeps the energy there. Any help counts!

Thank you!



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