Based on some data here, I am getting the heat of dilution of 100% $\ce{H2O2}$ as approx. 1100 cal/mole.

enter image description here

That's about 4.6 kJ/mol if I did my math right.

Is this a correct value? Seems too low to me.

e.g. For the corresponding heat of dilution for $\ce{HCl}$ I get 74.8 kJ/mol from Wikipedia.

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    $\begingroup$ HCl dissociates into ions which both needs solvatation; in short, HCl reacts with water quite fiercely. On the contrary, H2O2 just sits there and does nothing, except for a few relatively insignificant hydrogen bonds. So no, the huge difference is not unexpected. $\endgroup$ Dec 6, 2016 at 16:16


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