I am looking for a type of plastic, preferably in the form of a sheet or film, that is weatherproof, durable, flexible, and both transparent and UV-transparent. Most films I've seen so far are treated to be UV-resistant, where can I find untreated plastics for purchase? Planning to use this plastic in order to cover a solar panel, without inhibiting energy output.

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    $\begingroup$ The number of UV photons compared to those in the visible is very small, not only because of the black-body distribution from the sun but also because atmospheric ozone absorbs a lot of UV. So it may not be a cost effective solution since PMMA sheet is expensive. (They are treated to be UV resistant to extend their lifetime against UV induced photochemistry) $\endgroup$ – porphyrin Dec 6 '16 at 21:55

Did you consider PMMA?

A 3 mm Plexiglas G UVT layer seems to have a transmittance > 80% at $\lambda = 300~\mathrm{nm}$ and above.


I concur with Klaus's recommendation, PMMA is likely your best bet.

The UV disposable cuvettes we buy here are from BrandTech; below is a UV transmission chart for various materials from one of their marketing brochures (click image to enlarge):

cuvette plastic transmittance curves

They've clearly had success in developing materials with even better UV transmittance (green and yellow curves) than PMMA (red curve), but it looks like the latter may be your best option.


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