What is the order of strongest bonds to weakest? Are hydrogen bonds stronger than ionic bonds? Are hydrogen bonds covalent bonds?


Hydrogen bonding is very weak, it follows that order of forces:

Ionic bond > Covalent bond > Hydrogen bond > Van der Waals forces. (I have not included electrostatic force for sake of simplicity).

Hydrogen bonds can vary in strength from very weak ($1–2~\mathrm{kJ/mol}$) to extremely strong ($161.5~\mathrm{kJ/mol}$ in the ion $\ce{HF2−}$). Typical enthalpies in vapor include: \begin{array}{cl} \ce{F−H\bond{...}:\!F}& \text{161.5 kJ/mol or 38.6 kcal/mol}\\ \ce{O−H\bond{...}:\!N}& \text{29 kJ/mol or 6.9 kcal/mol}\\ \ce{O−H\bond{...}:\!O}& \text{21 kJ/mol or 5.0 kcal/mol}\\ \ce{N−H\bond{...}:\!N}& \text{13 kJ/mol or 3.1 kcal/mol}\\ \ce{N−H\bond{...}:\!O}& \text{8 kJ/mol or 1.9 kcal/mol}\\ \ce{HO−H\bond{...}:\!OH3+}& \text{18 kJ/mol[15] or 4.3 kcal/mol}\\ \end{array}


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