Here is the question I need to solve:

The rate constant is given by $\log k = 5.4 - (212/T)$
Calculate the activation energy at $127\ ^\circ\mathrm{C}$.

I know the formula

$$k = A\times e^{-{E_\mathrm{a}/RT}}$$

But, I need to know A (Arrhenius constant) to calculate the required. This value has not been provided in the question. So, what is the method to solve this sort of question?


In the question, observe that the statement is of the form

logK=logA - Ea/RT

which is derived from the Arhennius Equation by taking logarithm on both sides of the equation. Hence, logA=5.4 and 212/T = Ea/2.303*R*T

I'll leave the calculations to you.


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