In AlMg3, magnesium atoms outnumber aluminum atoms by a factor of three. In terms of mass, the ratio of aluminium to magnesium is a mere $27.0 / (3\times24.3) = 0.37$.

Shouldn't AlMg3 be better called magnesium alloy?


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AlMg3 is not the chemical formula of the alloy, it's the product name for a wrought alloy. Its technical sheet specifies the following composition:

Product name

Class of product
Al-Mg alloy for MIG/TIG welding.

Corresponding standards
DIN 1732, SG-AlMg3, AWS A5.10, ER 5754

Nominal composition (weight %)
Al: Bal. Si: 0.4 Mg: 3 Mn: 0.5

Thus, the 3 in the product name refers to 3 % (in weight) of magnesium.


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