I don't know if I should go with B or C for this question. C seems more likely with his 'oil drop experiment', I just want to be $100~\%$ sure.

  1. Which of the following persons determined the charge on the electron?

    (A) Ernest Rutherford

    (B) J. J. Thomson

    (C) Robert Millikan

    (D) Henry Morseley


Good luck with that. Both Thompson and Millikan published values for electron charge. I have no idea if Rutherford or Morseley did anything notable in that area or not. The positive side about you wanting to be 100% sure, is that you should definitely cross Science and Medicine off your list of careers. Millikan is generally credited with discovering the first reasonably accurate value for the charge on an electron. (Of course, "reasonably accurate" is an arbitrary term). Thompson published a value first, using water droplets, but with substantially higher error.


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