IR and Raman spectroscopy are typically saved in *.SPC files (chemical/x-galactic-spc), which are binary files. Collected data is save to SPC files by default, but can be exported to txt (ASCII) files.

I now have original SPC files and the original spectroscopy software is not available. Is it possible to somehow read those files with some other (generic?) software?


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If you don't mind Python on the command line, there's an spc converter on Github.

While the trial version of the GRAMS Suite 9.2 is available with a 30 days license, it seemingly doesn't work with any data but the samples provided with it and therefore isn't suitable for your purpose :(


A quick search turned up a number of useful tools. Wikipedia suggests:

  • Essential FTIR - which advertises batch conversion of SPC to other formats.
  • SPC2CSV - from AnalyzeIQ to convert to ASCII CSV format
  • Spekwin32 - general spectra software, including batch conversion
  • EPA's ShowSPC - not clear if it allows saving (or if it even runs on more recent OS)

If you use R for data analysis, take a look at the R package hyperSpec. Example:

spectrum <- read.spc('<your spc file>')

You can also use Sys.glob() function for wildcard search of your files, then read all of them with read.spc(), and call collapse() to build a single hyperSpec class with all data points together.


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