I am going to take PChem I in my biochem dept next sem, which is a watered down version of the PChem course in Chem dept. It basically covers thermodynamics and a little bit of quantum stuff. The syllabus says there is no required text, since course notes will be available once we register for class. But I do want to get ahead of class by reading books. I have several books at hand, please give me suggestions on which one should I use and if you have any good free lectures, feel free to post links as well.I don't feel like a need a Quantum Chem Book, given that how little quantum is actually covered.

Intro to Molecular thermodynamics by Hanson&Green, PChem for Chem and BioSci by Chang,Pchem by Castellan.Molecular Driving Forces by Dill&Bromberg, PChem: A molecular approach by McQuarrie, An introduction to thermal physics by Schroeder, Callen's thermodynamics text and also Fermi's.

Personally, I found Hanson, Castellan, Dill, and Chang are pretty good, haven't read any other

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  • $\begingroup$ Try out Atkins, Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences? amazon.co.uk/Physical-Chemistry-Sciences-Peter-Atkins/dp/… I can't guarantee you will like it, but it suits your needs. Wild meow is right, come over to chat to discuss this sort of thing. $\endgroup$ – orthocresol Mar 4 '16 at 21:48