Source:'Chemistry: The Central Science 11th edition' by Brown. Ch.4, 4.53:

Write balanced molecular and net ionic equations for the reactions of:

  1. chromium with hydrobromic acid;
  2. tin with hydrochloric acid.

My attempts:

  1. $\ce{ Cr(s) + 2HBr(aq) →CrBr2(aq)~ or~ CrBr3(aq)? + H2(g)}$

    I got the left part of the reaction correct, but I can't figure out what charge chromium should have because it can have either $\ce{+2}$ charge or $\ce{+3}$ charge when it ionizes. The answer says that it should be $\ce{CrBr2}$, but why can't it be $\ce{CrBr3}$?

  2. same thing for this option. Why can't $\ce{SnCl4}$ can be an answer?


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