How to count the organic molecules ' hydrogen bonds in average?

What are the numbers of hydrogen bonds formed among alcohols ,alkanoic acids ,aldehyde , ketones , amine ,amide , and ether when they are dissolved in water?

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    $\begingroup$ Well, that's simple: (number of hydrogens linked to highly electronegative atoms like N or O) + (number of lone pairs). $\endgroup$ – Ivan Neretin Feb 23 '16 at 8:33

Hint you could write down general formula for eg for alcohols it $C_nH_{2n}O$ and also due to covalent bonds the hydrocarbons arent dissolved in water.

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  • $\begingroup$ but like water ,when i count the H bonds in average , it should be two ,but if i add up the number of H linked to O and its lone pair ,it becomes four ,why does this occur ?? $\endgroup$ – alice Feb 25 '16 at 9:21

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