I'm a math major (got my BA in May 2014) currently working in finance. I really don't feel any motivation for my current job except that it pays the bills. I would like to know if anyone has made a jump from a non-chem background into something related to chemistry, be it a lab position, grad school etc.

My rationale for choosing chemistry is that I've enjoyed working in a lab for two summers and that physical sciences are very interesting for me.

Right now, my only option seems to be UCLA extension evening/weekend classes, maybe getting a part time lab gig at a local CC (or UCLA if I am very very lucky) and see if that will get me a job or a grad school.

Here are my questions:

  1. How would I transition from having no chemistry background?
  2. Do I have good reasons to switch to chemistry? What else should I ask myself before I make this change?

Thank you.

Best regards, squelchy451

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