I have encountered several sites where water's near-infra-red absorption spectra has been plotted as a figure (for e.g, here). Is there a site where I can access these raw absorbance/transmittance values? Eyeballing is prone to errors and inaccuracies.

What I have found: NIST has a nice plot of the IR absorption spectra of liquid water, and I can potentially access the raw data by looking at the plotting functions, but as you can see it has no near-IR data.


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I found a database called HITRAN that offers what I wanted. They support a python API that can be used to pull the relevant data. The code I used is written below (you'll need the hapi.py file from here).

from hapi import *
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
nu,coef = absorptionCoefficient_Lorentz(SourceTables='H2O')

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