Write balanced equations for each step, and an overall equation, for the preparation of sodium peroxoborate hexahydrate from the reagents borax, $\ce{NaOH}$, and $\ce{H2O2}$.

Borax was added to a solution of $\ce{NaOH}$, then it was treated with $\ce{H2O2}$, then cooled to form a precipitate. Please help.

(No structures are necessary, simply the chemical formulas will suffice)


Sodium peroxoborate can be prepare using two methods.

  1. Electrolysis of sodium borate with some sodium carbonate
  2. Oxidation of sodium meta borate using $\ce{H2O2}$

Heating borax strongly will give a mixture of sodium meta borate and boric anhydride.

If you can remove boric anhydride from the transparent glass like mixture, you can then add $\ce{H2O2}$

$$\ce{2NaBO2 + 2H2O2 + 6H2O -> Na2[(OH)2B(O - O)2B(OH)2].6H2O}$$

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