Recently I asked a question about de-yellowing Lego. I have a follow-up question on this.

I try to design a setup where I can de-yellow Lego and remove/obscure any scratches from the surface of Lego items.

Matt_black mentioned it might not be possible to only fill scratches etc. With my limited knowledge I could imagine the next options:

  1. Dissolve ABS in a solvent, but this will be an unspecific process.
  2. Heat treatment, but I think the items will warp due to internal stress.
  3. Maybe the surface energy of a scratch is different and you could make a marker which only releases the polymer on the scratch region?
  4. Coat the items in some kind of transparent resin?

My questions are:

  • Are any of these ideas realistically feasible?
  • If not, are there any other options which could work?
  • How would this procedure work from a chemical point of view?


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