Not a recipe from movies, but actual napalm. I need it for a college experiment. I need the good kind preferably, but any recipe will suffice.


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The original meaning of napalm referred only to the thickener, not the flammable substance which it thickens, and not the mixture of the two.

The aluminum soaps of this mixture of acids was christened "napalm" from "nap" for napthenic acids and "palm" for the coconut fatty acids.

Quoting from the 1951 article They Don't Like "Hell Bombs"; Napalm + Gasoline = "Hell Bombs", Armed Forces Chemical Journal, Volume 4, page 27

Coconut fatty acids include palmitic acid.

Also, from THE SPECIFIC HEAT OF NAPALM–GASOLINE GELS Canadian Journal of Research, 1949, 27a(4): 151-155, footnote 3:

Napalm is a commercial product consisting of a basic aluminum soap of naphthenic, oleic, and palmitic acids in the approximate ratio of 1 : 1 : 2.


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