From previous lessons, I know that column 1 are alkali metals, column 2 are alkaline earth metals, column 3 till column 12 are transition metals, column 17 are halogens and column 18 are inert gases. But till now I don't know the properties of elements in columns 13, 14, 15 and 16... Are they metals or non-metals? I have not faced such a question before.


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    $\begingroup$ Are you asking for the common names of the groups e.g. Group 1 is commonly called "alkali metals", or are you asking for their physical properties i.e. whether they are metals, metalloids, or non-metals? To be honest, you can just look at the individual Wikipedia pages of the groups, or the elements to easily find your answer. The trend is that there is a general increase in metallic character going down the groups. So carbon is a non-metal, silicon and germanium are metalloids, tin and lead are metals. $\endgroup$ – orthocresol Oct 31 '15 at 22:44

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