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So this problem has me completely stumped. I get the general concept of hybridization but I have no clue how to apply it to this diagram.

What are the atoms in the unlabelled areas such as f and h?

If I don't know what those atoms are is there any way to determine the hybridization?

Any help is appreciated...

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    $\begingroup$ Are you aware with skeletal formulae? If not, only the carbon chain and the functional groups are drawn. Each junction represents a carbon atom and all the missing bonds for each carbon is assumed to be connected to H. So in your diagram, f and h are both carbon atoms. $\endgroup$ – Nanoputian Oct 5 '15 at 4:34

In this particular case the f and h are both carbon atoms. Check out the bond-line diagrams in your textbook if you are still having trouble identifying what are the carbons and hydrogens. Khan Academy has some pretty useful tools as well if you prefer videos to textbooks.

Knowing that you dealing with carbons simplifies things immensely especially when dealing with hybridization. A carbon bonded to 4 different atoms is considered to be $\mathrm{sp^3}$ hybridized. When 3 different units attached to a carbon, the it is considered to be $\mathrm{sp^2}$ hybridized.

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