You are asked to prepare a 0.8500 M solution of aluminum nitrate. You find that you have only 50.00 g of the solid.

What is the maximum volume of solution that you can prepare?

I'm confusing my molar masses with grams. The molar mass of Aluminum nitrate $\ce{Al(NO3)3}$ is 213.0 g. If I have 50.00 g of the entire solid $\ce{Al(NO3)3}$ does that mean I have 50.00 times the amount of 213.0 g or will I end up Multiplying 50.00 g of Aluminum nitrate by 0.8500 M, then dividing that by the MM of Aluminum Nitrate. But then I don't know how to set up the rest of my dimensional analysis to reach Liters.$%edit$


If you have 50 g of a compound that has a molar mass of 213 $\frac{\rm{g}}{\rm mol}$, then you have $\frac{50~\rm{g}}{213 \frac{\rm{ g}}{\rm mol}}=\frac{50}{213} \rm{mol}=0.234~\rm{mol}$ of the compound.

If you want to prepare a 0.8500 molar solution, that means the concentration you want is $0.85~\rm{M}=0.85\frac{\rm{mol}}{\rm{L}}$.

With those two numbers, the final answer should be apparent. (Just divide them and make sure the units work out!)

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You have $x = (50~\mathrm{g} / 213~\mathrm{g})$ moles of aluminum nitrate. You need some volume of a solution where the molarity of aluminum nitrate is $0.85$. If you had $181.05~\mathrm{g}$ of aluminum nitrate in 1 liter of solution, you'd be fine.

But you have $x$ moles. Thus, you need to scale the volume of solution accordingly.

Set $0.85~\mathrm{mol / L} =\frac{ x~\mathrm{mol}}{y~\mathrm{L}}$, using the value you calculate for $x$ as above, and solve for $y$, the solution volume in liters.

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