I'm not a chemical engineer and don't have good background in it. Just my father asked me to do something for him, as I'm a computer engineering graduate.

This is a software for calculation of technical parameters of reactor. I haven't seen it. I've just printed output of it. Fields are like following:

5  REM**************
10 REM***********
20 REM  Name etc.
35 REM ********** PRODUCTIVITY********
155 REM ***** INPUTS*******
220 DTB
240  DTS
555 REM *********** CALCULATIONS****************

Can anyone help me to find what is the software for calculation. I'd be very grateful if you can help.


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Years ago a colleague of mine mentioned ASPEN as a typical software (bundle) used to model chemical plants. Despite this and this lack of examples how the print-out will look like -- and I did not work with it, either.


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