I'm considering creating a program that automatically completes an ICE chart/table when the minimum given information is provided. The reason I'm posting my question here is because I need to know the possible cases of minimum information required before I can even start the program.

I know you can complete the table if you're given these following sets of information:

K and initial concentrations
K and final concentrations
K and initial concentrations of reactants and final concentrations of products

I know there are a ton, more, but I'm not sure how to complete the list. Thanks for the help ahead of time!

  • $\begingroup$ I'm not thinking about Ksp and Ka. Only just Keq. $\endgroup$ – Asker123 Mar 17 '15 at 21:34

Alright I think you have the basics down, first of all I have a couple pointers for you since I have done many (many) RICE charts. What I would do if I were you since I have some experience in programming I would just use molarities of the initial and final.

You must make the user input the data, say if the user was given moles then make him/her convert it to molarity.

I think you have it pretty much down, you need either the initial concentrations and K or find the K through using the initial concentrations of the products and reactants or find the initial using the product and K.

I mean then again I would work through making this first part down because those are the essentials (atleast what I've learned) and then work on making updates to that program.

Since I do have programming experience I would just use if statements to do the entire thing. If this is available then solve for this.

Don't worry about the entire thing yet. Otherwise I would have to say you have pretty much everything down.

NOTE: This is not about Ka, Ksp, Kb, just for Keq. Because then you would have to work with the pH and pOH more equations.

Hopefully I helped you. Good Luck!

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