I have an aromatic compound that I reduced with either $\ce{Fe + HCl}$ or $\ce{Sn + HCl}$.

How would you choose to go about extracting the compound?

I'm thinking to dry off all the $\ce{HCl}$, redissolve in water, and react out the iron salts to Iron Hydroxide, which can be filtered out.

Then dry out again, dissolve in something like acetone then filter out the sodium chloride?

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It is very easy to purify the amino compounds from the reaction mixture of reduction of nitro- to amine- group. Firstly, we will do workup after completion of the reaction by extraction method with organic solvents either with DCM or with ehtylacetate, then organic layer wlii be separated, and then dried with anhydrous sodium sulphate and the solvent will be evaporated under reduced pressure by applying rotary evaporator. Then after making slurry by adding little amount of silica gel we will pack slurry in Column-chromatography silica gel (100-200 mesh) by using eluent as Ethylacetate:Hexane (20% to 60%), the amino- group compond will be purify. This is so because nitro- group is less polar compared to anino- group. So, nitro- compound will come first from column chromatograhy and amino- compound will come letter in pure form.


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